Demons in Every Man: A Modern Murder Mystery

Tara McCauley, a young detective in the Calgary police service, is on a great date when she gets a call from her boss, the oh-so-cool Jerrod Jackson. The beautiful executive assistant to the president of the ‘BEAR’ has been murdered.

The BEAR is responsible for approving an application by the Chinese National Oil Company for a major new oilsands plant, a crucial project for the future of the Alberta economy. Tara, who has a master’s degree in criminology and little experience, knows this is her big chance, but she has to overcome sexism in the service and her own ADHD impulsive behaviour.

As Tara and Jerrod get closer to the truth, it appears the BEAR is covering up findings of groundwater contamination at the oil sands, but the executive close ranks. Driven by her need to prove herself, Tara takes bigger and bigger risks, putting herself in extreme danger as events come to a head.